Friday, February 27, 2009

Tom's Taters

Today I want to introduce you folks to a man you really want to get familiar with. His name is Tom Wagner. He's an independent plant breeder residing in the Everett, WA area. He's been breeding/improving lines of potatoes and tomatoes for about 50 years. You have likely already grown some of his varieties of tomatoes (or at least seen/heard of them) and never even knew his name. Green Zebra, Banana Legs, Green Grape, Green Sleeves, Vintage Wine, Schimmeig Stoo, Schimmeig Creg, Elberta Girl, Snow Berries, Summer Cider, Lime Green Salad, and Brown Derby are just a few of his taste-award-winning successes.

Tom has been somewhat out of the public view for a while but, lucky for us, he's looking to get some of his work out into the hands of passionate gardeners again. He's not offering tomatoes at this time, however, for a very reasonable $40 (shipping included), he will send you a nice, diverse sampler box of potato tubers. These are Tom's own varieties and you will NOT find them available from any other source. Please do not contact Tom and make special request for particular traits or colors in your sampler. Tom is not set up to do custom orders at this time. But don't worry. He'll send you plenty of variety in your sampler and you will find at least a few tubers that you will come to treasure. For the more adventurous among you, he may also have some True Potato Seed (TPS) available for sale if you inquire. Here's a link to a very nice picture of potatoes he sent to some folks last year:

Tom's Taters Sampler

And here's a link to Tom's listing on Local Harvest. All the info you'll need to order a Tom Wagner potato sampler can be found there.

Tater-Mater Seeds

I've already ordered my sampler and look forward feeding my family some of the best tasting potatoes ever. Thank you for giving us access to your amazing work, Tom. What a truly wonderful and fortunate time it is to be a gardener and have something like this available to grow for our table.

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