Monday, March 2, 2009

FREE Permaculture Workshop & Work Party 3.21.2009

Polycrop Orchard (aka 'Food Forest') Planting
Free Educational Workparty- Please Forward!

Facilitated by Deston Denniston,
Abundance Consulting

March 21, 2009

clickable link to map:
1919 NE 78th Ave
Vancouver Washington

Please join us for a day of polycrop orchard establishment! These systems have shown to the potential to be cornucopia strategy for food production, ecological balance, and economic return. By first addressing local food security, then developing food and craft commerce, many small farms are finding potentials for 20-80K in production per acre/year without need for industrial fertilizers and bio-cides. We will be planting about 10,000 sf (1/4 acre) of terraces with companion guilds of fruit trees, including nitrogen fixers, insectories, beneficial predator habitat, an herbaceous layer, and desirable fungi at the Old Poor Farm. This planting will be established on the terraces which Sepp Holzer led us in constructing March 7-8.

We will discuss irrigation, animal systems, maturation and other aspects of the whole system at a separate volunteer seminar, time and date TBA. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for this event, and well have a special training and potluck dinner for those attending the training.

Please plan for inclement weather and hope for sun; please bring warm water proof clothes, gloves, boots, etc.

Deston Denniston will offer an overview of the polyculture planting method early, sharing theory and application from 10am-11am, with planting proceeding through the early afternoon.

Refreshments will be available.

We intend to get the planting done by 3pm, and convene over food at a local eatery afterwards.

Please contact abundancepc at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

Deston Denniston, M.S., C.P.I.
Steward, Abundance Consulting LLC
(360) 673-2124

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