Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From the Desk of Josh Giuntoli

Here's a nice note I received today from Josh Giuntoli, of the Washington State Office of Farmland Preservation. You didn't know we had a state Office of Farmland Preservation in Washington State? Well we do! Surf on over to a few of the links that Josh provided in his note below and see what's happening at the OFP. Thanks, Josh!

Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I appreciate your blog for SW Washington. The Office of Farmland Preservation has a web page which we are continuing to develop but may be interesting to you and your readers.

WA State Office of Farmland Preservation

There are a few regular features which are updated weekly and monthly.

Every week I update the “Weekly Legislative Update” which covers bills in the legislature that may have impacts on preserving farmland. Another (page), updated on Mondays, is the Washington News and Views feature which is a link dump of ag news from Washington over the past week.

Every month I put out a newsletter with past issues available here.

Anyway, I enjoy your postings and hope you have a great week.

Josh Giuntoli
Office of Farmland Preservation
WA Conservation Commission
jgiuntoli at scc dot wa dot gov

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