Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoop House Raising @ Dee Creek Farm

The folks out at Dee Creek Farm are having an old-fashioned barn hoop house raising this Sunday. If you're able-bodied and have a few hours to spare, they could really use your help. This is an excellent opportunity to show Dee Creek some love for any of you folks who were/are unable to make a financial contribution to their farm relief effort! See the note below from Anne Lawrence of Storytree Farm for the details:

Hoop House-Raising at Dee Creek Farm
Sunday, February 15

9:30 am Start
1:00 pm Lunch (Kitchen is open to anyone helping!)
5:00 pm Call 'er quits

Need strong folks, and 'light helper' folks to hand them stuff, etc...
Sign up for a shift (first half / second half), or all day.

Totally up to whatever folks can do; please let us know so we can plan food and schedule our crew.

This should be good!

Things folks could bring:

Cordless drills/screwdrivers; the more, the merrier!
Ladders, especially some taller ones?
Gloves, sunscreen, hats, jackets
Round shovels
circular saw
wire cutters
measuring tapes, 25' and 100'
maybe some open end wrenches

Questions, or to sign up for a shift:

Summer: (360) 225-9711 (farm)
Anne: (360) 903-3149 cell or (360) 576-7139 (farm)

Check out the hoop house and row cover benders offered by Lost Creek Greenhouse Systems.

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