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Farm Connect/Locavore Delivery 2.26.2009

Here's this week's Farm Connect/Locavore Delivery list from Summer @ Dee Creek Farm. If you haven't already tried the Hot-4-U cheese from Dee Creek (makes excellent quesadillas) or the jelly from Garden DElights (my daughter is living on peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches these days), I highly recommend putting some of each on your list this week. We can't get enough of either of them at our house!

Hey folks! This week we're starting new CSA'ers for our eggs (we offer shares in feta, eggs, produce, and poultry - more info coming on these for the new season!). We fill CSA egg orders first, which ensures that you receive eggs each week. Let me know if you're interested!

Also, be sure to check out the new blog entries on our website, and here's a reminder about our Herbs for the Common class this Saturday in Vancouver - there's still a wee bit of room. We'll get to learn some funky things like how to make natural cough drops (how cool is that?!). After the class, in the next week, I'd like to place a bulk order with the Mountain Rose Herbs. Anyone's welcome to join in on this.

I'd like to get together with a few folks for a nice lil' lotion bar class next week as well, if anybody's up to it. Something casual, probably $10/person for supplies, to chat what oils are good for what, etc... And how to make salves out of some of the great herbs we may want to order (or grow!). Any interest? Someone want to offer their place?

See you soon! It's looking like rain! ~S


All of the milk produced for our deliveries cheeses are from goats raised at Dee Creek farm. The cheeses are handmade here, too!
Logan, $1.50oz/sizes vary from 4oz-7oz packages
Colby-style cheese made from our unpasteurized Nubian goat milk; aged for 3 months. Sharp Cheddary flavor; a nice cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches or melted over anything!
Hot-4-U, $6-8.75/4-6oz packages
Good plain for snacking, grating, or melted on a burro or pizza! This cheese with locally grown red peppers in a spicy, aged, unpasteurized, goat cheese. Somewhere between Gouda and Cheddar with ZING!
Feta Tapenade-style, $6.50
4 ounces of Creamy Feta crumbles mixed with chopped Kalamata olives, herbs, lemon and olive oil. Use as a topping on crusty bread, pizza, chicken or toss into cooked pasta, tuna salad, egg salad or omelet. Stuff a hamburger or meatloaf with it! Yum!
Aged Feta, $5.50/container retail, $5.00/container CSA - block or crumble
Creamy block or crumbles of unpasteurized aged feta. Try in rice dressing, warm pasta dishes, pear & hazelnut salad, deviled eggs, bowl of beans.

$5/dozen, ($4.50 per dozen if you join our egg CSA)
$2.50/half-dozen (limited)
This week we're sending some eggs (and chicken 'n' cheese) up to a dinner put on to educate folks about local eating, by the Cowlitz County Dept. of Health - way to go! We will have plenty for everyone still, with eggs from our hens, who have picked up to a massive pace. If you'd like to join our farms egg CSA and secure a dozen for your family each week, let me know!
We'll also have eggs from Certified Naturally Grown Creative Outlet, and organically fed Nature's Choice! These are (likes ours) are fed only natural feeds and lots of pasture. Be sure to recycle egg cartons that you pick up at our deliveries with us!

Raw Honey,
Quart/$12, Pint/$7
Raw honey in glass jars form Honey House Farm in Brush Prairie - super local! Great for allergies!

Dried Herbs, $4/packet
From Garden DElights in Brush Prairie, these herbs were hand prepared from chemical-free herbs. There are several mixes available, including: Dilly Dip, Seafood Blend, Italian Blend, Mexican Blend, Herb Dip, Herb Butter, Honey Butter, Grilling Blend, Veggies & Soups, Herbal Dressing. All great in soups, dressings, dips, butters, cheeses...

Jellies, $5/8oz jar
Strawberry, low sugar
Raspberry, low sugar
White Grape, NO sugar
The above also come from Garden DElights, in Brush Prairie. A multi generational farm, this Mom and daughter team work hard on creating healthful, local, and delicious foods. Generally known for their herb packets & natural doggy treats, they are also a produce CSA farm!

Herbal Teas, $3/each
Cold Calming (sage, dutch tea time, lemon balm, chamomile)
Stress Relief (lemon balm, chamomile, lavendar)
Hand blended by the ladies at Garden DElight with chemical-free herbs, mostly grown at their farm, these blends are sure to be delicious! Each comes with 4 tea bags.

Wild & Naturally Preserved Eats,
No fresh mushrooms this week.
Mushrooms, Vacuum packed Frozen – ¼ lb packs
Chanterelle 4.00
Porcini 4.50
Matsutake 9.00 (packed in 1/2#)
Mushrooms, Dried – half-pint jar, $5 each
Chanterelle, Porcini, Maitake, or Hedgehog
Berries, Vacuum packed Frozen – 1 lb packs
Elderberries 5.00
Himalayan Blackberries, $3.50
Wild Huckleberries $9.00
Dried Snack and Meal Helpers -
(Already chopped, diced, sliced, portioned, and packaged just right for 1-2 meals)
Org Red Onions (great for stir-fry, burgers, sandwiches, deli salads...) $1.25
Org. Walla Walla Onions (great for snacks, sandwiches, salad toppings), $1.25

Org. Heirloom Tomatoes (snacks, great for pasta or rice dishes, saute` w/vegs...) $2.00
Dried Wild Elderberries $2.00
Frozen or Dried Rosehips, $2.00
The above comes from Nature's Choice, a Vancouver business, operated by a couple who collects & sells wild eats, and prepares naturally preserved foods.

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, $20
I'll be placing another order the first of March for a couple of boxes of Nourishing Traditions "cookbooks". Since we are buying in bulk, we can get them for a good discount, with no shipping/tax. Great price! If anyone wants to pre-order one, let me know! We need 8 to get at least one box, and have 6 ordered so far.

Holy Cows & Hog Heaven, $10
"Holy Cows and Hog Heaven is written by an honest-to-goodness-dirt-under-the-fingernails, optimistic clean good farmer, Joel Salatin. His goal is to:
* Empower food buyers to pursue positive alternatives to the industrialized food system.
* Bring clean food farmers and their patrons into a teamwork relationship.
* Marry the best of western technology with the soul of eastern ethics.
* Educate food buyers about productions.
* Create a food system that enhances nature's ecology for future generations."
This is one of my (Summer) favorite books ever - I wish everyone would read it, and so bought a case to share at a discount.


Remember that in an effort to be more efficient, and less wasteful, we do not write individual receipts, but instead keep a book. If you specifically want a receipt, please let us know when you place your order, if possible.

Anyone and everyone can order from our deliveries, not just "subscribers"! To any newcomers on the e-list, welcome! Also rest assured that all farms contributing to our deliveries all meet several standards: chemical-free, sustainable, natural, family farming... If you have questions about any of them, don't hesitate to ask, or check them out yourself!

To order, click here and specify what you would like.
All checks go to "Dee Creek Farm", or bring cash.
We fill pre-orders first, then it’s first come, first served!
We do mostly pre-orders at deliveries, rather than Farmers Market style.
Please help us in this by pre-ordering what you can!

Summer & Spark
Email: summer at deecreekfarm dot com
Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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