Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Butchering Class Update

Here are some further details on the butchering class I spoke of in an earlier post. Check out the class price...$25 per class!! You'll never find a deal like this anywhere else! Also, it seems that the Greener Pasture folks don't currently have any livestock ready for slaughter at the moment, so they're appealing to you folks for demonstration subjects to use for the class. Contact them if you have a couple of sheep ready for processing. Hopefully that detail will be worked out soon so we can get a firm date on the classes! Read the following note from Ronda to get the latest scoop on the classes and/or to get her contact info:

Jon is willing to teach 2 generic classes on slaughtering and butchering wild game or medium sized livestock, using sheep or goats as the sample. Because we don't have any livestock to butcher at this time, if someone has 2 sheep to be butchered, it would be best to hold the class on the premises of the owner of the livestock, and Jon would waive the fees for that person. If not, Jon will make other arrangements.

Slaughter Class: $25 per person
How to humanely kill the animal, bleed it out, skin and gut, and "hang" or age the meat. Keeping the meat as sanitary as possible under home conditions will be covered throughout the class, as will discussion of types of tools, and proper care of tools. Knife sharpening will also be covered; Jon can bring his bench grinder to show this. Hands on class participation will depend on the number of people.

Butchering Class: $25 per person
How to cut up the carcass and bone out the meat into practical portions. Hands on class participation will depend on the number of people.

Ronda Jemtegaard
greenerpasturesfarm at gmail dot com

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