Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Northwest Redworms and....Chicken Coops!

Doug Knippel (Northwest Redworms), the man who has been leading the way for vermicomposting in these parts, is expanding his repertoire. If you've seen any of Doug's worm bins, then you know that he's all about the marriage of form and function. His hand-built coops are no exception. Read on to get the details straight from Doug:

The Camas Coop $320 and the Camas Mini coop(er) $250

The "Camas coop" is large enough to fit 4 to 6 chickens (or more with an enclosed run). 3 nest boxes and two roosts, side chicken door for access to a run. The dimensions are 42" tall, 42" wide (+14" for nesting boxes), and 35" deep. It's preassembled in seven pieces for easy transport and assembly. Once assembled the coop is sturdy and relatively light for easy placement. Sides are interchangable so the chicken door and nesting boxes can be where you want.

We also have the Camas mini coop"r", it's made for 2 to 4 chickens, $250. This coop looks exactly the same as the large with the following modifications:
The height, width and depth is 6" smaller. There are two nest boxes and one roost bar.

To get the coop painted $75

Chicken run 3 panels 1/2" mesh, 30"x 30" x 6' one panel with door and end piece $130

Chicken run 6' extention 3 panels no door or end piece $100

You must call to order. 14 days build time.

Call Doug
360-513-7251 or E-MAIL
for more details go to:

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