Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Craft In The Village for 2009

Chris Stevens, the hero behind the Main Street Craft In The Village event that we've all enjoyed so much this summer, has just sent this e-mail regarding the last event for 2009. Read on for more info.

Hello folks

Just getting the feelers out there again and seeing who is interested in coming out for Sept. 4th's event. This will be the last one of the season and we've done a bit of outreach to the neighborhood associations in Vancouver so the turnout could be pretty good this time. We have roughly 26 booth spots available and lots more table space out on Main st, so there should be plenty of room for everyone, if not in the lot then out on the street.

We also will have the accoustic booth out in the front again. We'll be running power out it this time, only for one amp and mic though. The idea is to keep the noise nice and mellow so the artists in their booths can still talk to their customers while enjoying the music as well. I feel like I have to clarify that so that people don't start showing up with Marshall stacks and amp's that go to 11. We are pretty limited in musician slots so get a hold of me quick for those, your music needs to be acoustic and non offensive.

So that being said, hit me back if you want a spot and I'll start making the map out.


"Bringin' it to the streets!"
Craft in the Village

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