Monday, August 17, 2009

Click for Community Gardens!!

There are only 15 days left in the Umpqua Bank Click 4A Cause contest and the YWCA Community Garden project has fallen from a commanding lead to trailing by over 1000 points. If they win this contest, they'll get $15,000 to devote to their project and they need your help TODAY. You can vote once per week, so that means you still have time to get a couple of votes in. Please click on the link below, cast your vote, and help the fantastic folks at the YWCA win some serious money to help them with their community garden project!

Click 4A Cause

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for promoting the Click 4A Cause project and the YWCA community garden! We really appreciate it.
    We've constructed the raised beds for our garden, and you can see photos here:

    Thanks again!
    --Rose Hart, Communications Specialist
    YWCA Clark County