Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Vancouver Food Coop Needs Volunteers

A note from Kristie Lemmon, the new VFC volunteer coordinator

Get Involved

One of the ways you can help grow the Vancouver Food Coop – be a Volunteer!!!!

Hello fellow Vancouver Food Coop owner,

As the new volunteer coordinator for VFC, I thought I would introduce myself before offering you the opportunity to be a volunteer. My name is Kristie Lemmon. I have been involved with volunteer and/or not for profit organizations for over 45 years. Whether it is recruiting volunteers, chairing non-profits, raising money, planning events, or soliciting donations – I enjoy it all. I approach each opportunity with enthusiasm and have always had the belief that I can make a difference. So, let’s make a difference and grow the Vancouver Food Coop together.

Volunteering is EASY!!! Just send an email to volunteer@vancouverfood.coop. Your explanation of what area/areas you feel you would like to make a contribution in can be detailed or brief. If you are not sure what opportunities are available, there is a partial list below. You may see a way your skills may be utilized by the coop that is not list – please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Share the Vision – Be a Volunteer
Kristie Lemmon
VFC Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities
Team Leaders:

· Brochure Distribution: Maintain an adequate supply of current VFC brochures for tabling and the brochure stand locations.

· Tabling: Organizing the tabling for either a series of events (Farmer’s Market) or a single event. Either you or a team member would be responsible for staffing, maintaining the tabling box, set up and clean up.

· Event Planning: Coordinating a VFC event, planning to clean up.

· Trainers: Assist Owners with talking points for tabling or presentations.

· Graphic Design: Responsible for current VFC brochures, flyers, handouts, business cards, posters, etc.

· “Locators”: Find events to promote VFC, locations for brochures, speaking opportunities, and fundraising opportunities. Pass information to the Outreach Committee.

Staff for:

· Events, speakers, tabling, brochure distributions, printing, and office assistance.

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