Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Local Music 24/7

If you don't want to read my ramblings, just scroll directly to the bottom of the page, pick a miniplayer, and enjoy the talents of the Clark County sonic underground.

Many of you may not know this, but the wife and I immigrated to the Pacific NW from Texas just a few days before Dubya moved into the governor's mansion in Austin. Now Austin was, and still is, one of the epicenters of live music in America. When we were living there we could always find at least half a dozen outstanding shows around town every weeknight and ten times that number on weekends. Now it's my humble opinion that the quality and diversity of the live music scene in Portland has really picked up over the last decade. And to be honest with you, I never really gave much thought to the musical talents lurking in our little village on the North Bank. That being said, I was lucky enough to catch an outstanding performance by Love Trucker at Mon Ami Cafe last year. It was my daughter's first live show and although she was only about a year old at the time, she seemed to really dig the Love Trucker sound. Anyways, that show was the first glimpse I had at the resident musical talent we have here in Clark County...if only they had more local venues to play.

So what's my point?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you'll find two miniplayers there. The miniplayers are loaded with nothing but music made by local bands. Good music. Music with heart and soul. No overproduced, primetime radio playlist crap here. The blue one (Chill) has a variety of musical styles. The red one (CORE) is for fans of loud, angry, fast, and noisy...not that there's anything wrong with that. Scroll on down and check out the local talent while you surf the Blog. You can also listen to the player without having to visit the Blog by clicking and bookmarking this link Radio 98666

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