Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food Preservation Class @ Dee Creek Farm - 11.8.2008 - SOLD OUT!

From Summer @ Dee Creek Farm:

Please Join Us at Dee Creek Farm for:

Autumn Food Preservation
by Summer Michaelson
November 8th, 2008, 2pm
$25 per person

To register for the class, email Summer and confirm with your admission fees (at deliveries or by mail).

Class space is limited

The class will cover many techniques for preserving food including fermentation, canning, freezing, using oils and vinegars, dry salting and drying. The focus is on the autumn harvest...the last of the tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, winter squash, grapes, apples and pears, onions, fall greens, garlic, etc.

You will leave knowing how to preserve food more traditionally, using some old techniques, with less 'modern technology'; and also know how to best and safely utilize classic ways of preserving, like canning and freezing!

Bring snacks just in case class heads on into evening!
(we're shooting for 3 hours)
Come on out and let's learn together!

Summer M. has been a long-time customer of DCF, and a committed Locavore in our community, with two boys needing maximum nutrition to keep their health maintained.

I attended Summer's last class at Storytree CSA Farm, and found the shared information and instructors input invaluable. I thought I knew stuff, but learned quickly that I could glean many new concepts, how and why they worked, and how to preserve foods in a more nutritious way!

I think there is no better time than now, when the economy is struggling, to learn old-fashioned ways of living!

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