Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooky Spaghetti @ Mint Tea Bistro

From Jenna & Abdul @ Mint Tea

Hello Friends, Ghouls & Ghosts ~

We're planning an extra-ordinary Halloween Pasta Special to begin
tomorrow, Oct. 31st and will last as long as the Spooky Black
Spaghetti does. Because we love a good tongue teaser, Anna's Scary
Sauce, with a touch of witch's brew, will be left a secret except to
say it is vegan friendly (in other words, NO road kill involved). But
here's the catch, whoever can guess the 3 main ingredients of our
scary sauce correctly will receive a free lunch on us! Yep, a free
lunch on us just for identifying the 3 main ingredients! Sooo easy.

In our endless search for really good, locally made items, we are now
carrying decedent cakes by Piece of Cake, a bakery out of Portland who
specializes in Wheat and Gluten free desserts. True to the season
we've chosen to try her lip smacking Pumpkin Cake and
Apple-Marionberry mini Pies first.
I'm quite certain Anna and Rachel didn't really mean their sample
piece wasn't any good since they finished it all and were checking
the cooler case today to see if there was any left.

And finally, following up on our very successful Oktoberfest we
wanted to let you know that the race to be the winning wiener has
been a tight race indeed. Over the past 10 days since beginning Mint
Tea's first (annual?) Oktoberfest, each of the 4 contestant wieners
has shown a strong lead, only to be overtaken the following day. As
of this afternoon, Daffy's Mushroom Maddness has a slight lead over
Jackalope, but like we said, tomorrow's another day.
If w've piqued your interest here, or simply that you're a sausage
lover at heart, Oktoberfest as were running it ends this coming
Sunday, November 2nd ~ Just 2 days before the real vote occurs!!
So come on in and as this mantra goes, vote with your mouth for the
winning wiener.

p.s.t.t. A challenger has contacted us requesting to take on the
winning wiener once Oktoberfest is over. Baaaaa-d idea or good?...
We'll keep you all posted.

Outside the window from where I sit an amazing explosion of autumn
color captures the eye ~ better go enjoy it while its here.

In health and happiness we hope to see you soon,

jenna & abdul
Mint Tea
2014 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Tel. 360-699-4991
Monday Saturday 8am to 6pm, serving food from 8-4
Sunday 10am to 4pm, serving food from 10-3

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