Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oktoberfest @ Mint Tea Bistro....mmmmm...sausage

From Jenna & Abdul

Oktoberfest at Mint Tea
October 20 – Nov. 2nd

The idea came along in honor of the all-natural, handcraft, artesian
sausage company (no Nitrates, no MSG, no Crap!) we buy from in
Portland. To date everyone has been thrilled with the various lamb,
chicken and turkey sausages we've been serving since opening our
bistro just over 2 months ago. But what about Jackrabbit? Antelope?
Venison? or Alligator sausages? Who knows, right?

So we're taking a vote on these somewhat obscure meats, letting you
try them, perhaps for the first time, complete with a big sausage bun
and toppings/sides of your choice: braised sauerkraut with fennel,
organic grilled onions, warm potato salad or sauteed spinach. You

Two weeks of Oktoberfest, starting today, October 20th, may even give
you enough time to try out a few of them. And at the end of the two
weeks we'll see which wiener is the winner! Now that's voting with
your mouth.

“Vote with your mouth for the winning wiener”

Jackalope - Jackrabbit, Antelope & Pork
Daffy’s Mushroom Maddness - Duck w/ Mushroom
Deer John - Venison
Wally’s Gator - Alligator & Pork

All of our sausages and sides are 100% natural & hand made

Prices include a 1/3 lb Sausage

Easy does it (plus 1 side) $6.50
Crowd Pleaser (w/ 2 sides) $8.00
Fill’er Up (includes all 3 sides) $9.50

Sausage Bun, Mustard & Fun are all available at no additional cost.

jenna & abdul
Mint Tea
2014 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Tel. 360-699-4991
Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm, serving food from 8-4
Sunday 10am to 4pm, serving food from 10-3

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