Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Lecture @ the Old Poor Farm/78th Street Site with Deston Denniston of Abundance Consulting - 4.6.2009

Deston Denniston, who has been the mastermind behind recent permaculture projects at the 78th Street site, will present a very cool lecture on Monday, April 6th @ the 78th Street location. It's free and guaranteed to be entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Come on out, meet Deston, and feed your head!

Island Ecology: Food Security for a Small Planet

Monday, April 6th, 6:00pm-8:30pm
1919 NE 78th St, Vancouver
the Old Poor Farm/WSU Extension Reasearch Unit

Deston Denniston of Abundance Consulting LLC will present on his recent trip to Kauai, outlining how this small island (@522 sq. mi.) is a microcosm of our own regional and global Food Security Challenges. From production and processing to distribution and availability, the coming years will pose titanic challenges to those who would assure us of healthy and sustaining food systems. Beginning with Kauai, and traveling through another island, Cuba, we will look at how energy descent may affect food production and distribution. We will also consider climate change, pollution and GMO's in relation to food security. We will explore how balancing Food Security within the context of Eco-Systems is, possibly counter intuitively, far more productive and enduring than conventionally engineered solutions. Finally we will consider these implications to our own place here in Clark County, and ultimately all of Turtle Island. We will look not only at the challenges, but solutions which are rooted firmly in culture and place. Finally we will tie this to a discussion of opportunities in Clark County and SW Washington. This is a free presentation.

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