Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farm Connect Availability List for 8/14 Delivery

What is Farm Connect you ask? It's the BEST way to get farm fresh products from local least when one of our excellent farmers' markets aren't open for business. I wrote all about it here

Be sure to order today if you'd like something tomorrow. And remember, anyone can order anything. Notice the extended times, and new location!

The "CSA" discount pricing options are for people who pre-pay for the month, and pick up weekly. Ask for details! You’ll find us this week in our brown/grey minivan. ~S

To order, send e-mail to and specify what you would like.

All checks go to "Dee Creek Farm", or bring cash.
We fill pre-orders first, then it’s first come, first served!
We do mostly pre-orders at deliveries, rather than Farmers Market style.
Please help us in this by pre-ordering what you can!

Grassfed Beef
Sold out! More coming in late-September! Do you want on the waiting list?

Pastured Poultry
Chicken - $3/lb and up
Turkey - $25/bird deposit to order for Fall, $3.50/lb at harvest (minus deposit)
We are now taking orders for DCF chickens, mid-August through late-October, turkeys for Fall. Possible delivery options with other produce CSA farms as well. Email for info!

Aged Feta, $5.50/container retail, $5.00/container CSA
Creamy crumbles of unpasteurized aged feta from DCF to top your salad, pasta, or olive ciabatta from Julia Bakery(yum!). The perfect treat for a warm summer day! We’re hoping to have milk & soft cheeses by late-August!

$4/dozen retail, $3.75/dozen CSA
$2.75/dozen for the "small and/or stained" eggs
We will fill DCF egg CSA's first, but this week we have extra from our farm, as well as the Greyfields Farm, so email if you'd like some. Also recycle your DCF egg cartons with us!

Raw Honey,
Pint $7
Quart $12
Half Gallon $18
Gallon $32
Honey in Comb, $12 per package
Packaged in glass or plastic jars, this delicious raw honey comes from Honey House Farm in Brush Prairie.

Kombucha Scoby,
For anyone up for the task, I’ve a couple of kombucha scoby’s. If you don’t know what it is, Google it!

All-Natural Soap,
Garden Guardian from DCF is full of wonderful essential oils that are beneficial for hard-working hands, and is a great exfoliant for those dirty finger nails. Go and dig in, you can still look nice for dinner guests! Friendly to sensitive skin, as it's all-natural.

Garlic, $3/lb. small heads (7-8 heads)
Walla Walla Onions, $1.50/lb
Red Torpedo Onions, $2.10/lb
Cipollini Onions, $3/lb
Blueberries, $3.75/pint, $2.60/half-pint (or $38/pint-flat, $25/half-pint flat -- 12 per flat)
All of this produce comes from NW Organic in Ridgefield, certified organic!

Pickling Cucumbers, 5 for $1, or 60 for $10 -- requested that they be smaller than last week
Slicing Burpless Cucumbers, $.65/each
Zucchini, $0.50/each
These are spray-free (not certified organic, but otherwise up to par) and come from Wiggins farm Woodland. They have them in boxes, and so you can take a bundle to pickle, ferment, or slice up at home. The pickling cukes are about 3", the slicing are up to 16"+! Everything will be picked tomorrow morning! Since working with us, they've connected with the Camas Farmers Market - they'll be there Saturday!

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, $20
I'll be placing an order in two weeks (hopefully) for a couple of boxes of Nourishing Traditions "cookbooks". Since we are buying in bulk, we can get them for 30% off, at $20 each, no shipping/tax. Great price! If anyone wants to pre-order one, let me know! We need 8 to get at least one box.

Produce & Poultry CSA's Reminder
For those who have signed up for monthly or seasonal CSA's with Dee Creek Farm, don't forget to pick up your fresh produce straight from the gardens, and natural, pasture-raised poultry, eggs, and cheese! Any extra will be available for sale at deliveries.

Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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