Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camas Fresh Produce

Man oh man...I never cease to be amused by the old adage, "You learn something new every day." In fact, if you just keep your eyes & ears open, you'll probably learn two or three things every day. So one of the very cool things I learned today was that the folks in Camas have the good fortune of patronizing a locally owned, sustainably conscious, US farmer supporting produce market. I am positively green with envy. I have to shop at Fred Meyer if I can't make it to the Farmers' Market or the garden isn't producing....and let me tell you folks, even if you live close to the new, fancy Freddie's at Grand Central, the produce selection is usually sub-par, over or under ripe, and often over-priced (even when compared to New Seasons or Food Front).

Enough about me and more about Camas Fresh Produce. Apparently this small, locally owned market has only been flying under the radar for since 2004 and is being extremely well-received by the community. In fact, rumor has it, that they are optimistic enough about the future that there are plans for moving to a larger location and adding a bakery and butcher. Nice!

Here are a couple of links that will tell you a bit more about Camas Fresh and how to find them:

Article from the esteemed Vancouver Business Journal

Google Maps Info

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