Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheapest Worm Castings Anywhere!!

This is a HECK of a deal from Doug Knippel @ NW Redworms and just in time for your fall gardening too.

Northwest Redworms

Vermicompost(redworm castings)

5 gal (1/4" screened) vermicompost $8 per bucket ($1.60 gal)
5 gal (1/16" screened) vermicompost $12 ($2.40 gal). Perfect for brewing worm tea.
30 gal(1/4" screened) $40 ($1.33 gal)
30 gal(1/16" screened) $60. ($1.67 gal)

Compost runoff also available $1 per gallon. Very limited suppply. It's as black as coffee and very concentrated.

BYOB (Bring your own bucket) or buy a bucket for $3

While supplies last. I am in the process of emptying several of my compost bins and I have lots of castiings, but they do go fast. The unscreend vermicompost will still have several redworms and egg capsules.

Customer verified "good stuff"!! Mix with your garden, around your trees or add to your potting soil.

This is the real black gold that is super concentrated, water soluable and naturally bonds with your plants root systems, preventing the nutrients from washing away like your standard chemical fertilizer. They are also full of benificial organisms that strengthen a plants root system and resistance to disease.

Northwest Redworms
806 NE 202 Ave, Camas WA 98607

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