Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clark County Agriculture: A Fresh Voice - Jim & Diane Hunter

A special thank you from Jim & Diane Hunter of Hunters' Greens CSA

Clark County Agriculture: A Fresh Voice

We want to send out a huge thank you to reporter Ossie Bladine of the
Vancouver Voice for jolting our muse out of her late summer slumber.
Check out his article: "Is farming dead in Clark County?" in the August
issue. And a thank you to Hunters' Greens CSA member Mike Williams
for providing us with a clipping service during our harvest madness.

Ossie is brand new to town, and as such is able to approach the
agricultural crisis in Clark County with the fresh eyes of an outsider
(like an anthropologist describing a remote Pacific Island culture for
the first time).

What Ossie has done for the jaded eyes of our muse is to raise a whole
range of issues to which she is dying to sing, such as: "Do small CSA
farms count as commercial agriculture?", "Bringing Schumacher Home to
the First World", "Development Rights: Who's Selling What to Whom?",
"Medium can be Beatiful Too". So let's get started. And Thanks again

Diane & Jim Hunter,
Hunter's Greens CSA,
Brush Praire, WA. (360) 256-3788

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