Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vancouver Food Co-op Looking For Board Members

If you're looking for an opportunity to contribute to local food security and the continued development of Vancouver's first food co-op, here's your big chance!

 From VFC President, Marj Caswell:

The VFC is asking for member-owners to step forward to serve on the board.  This is an exciting time for VFC--the online store means VFC has taken a major step forward in support of VFC's vision of access to healthy and sustainably produced foods, especially local. 
Currently, we have four board members responsible for decisions ...and we need more of you involved!  Bylaws allow for nine positions.  We need more representation from VFC member-owners.  We need more voices in our discussions.  This means you.  We need you.  Please think about involvement, and email me at: with your questions and comments--or to let me know your interest.
Requirements?  VFC board members must be VFC member-owners, that's a given.  The other need is a strong desire for bringing healthy, organic food to our community.  The board meets on the first Wednesday every month, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM.  We try to handle business between meetings via email--so, board members need to have access to the Internet, and be willing to check in every couple of days, at least, and to be part of discussions and decisions. 
Marj Casswell, President

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