Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Urban Abundance - Planning Abundance Forum

And here's another great opportunity to get involved with our local food system via Urban Abundance:

Planning Abundance Forum
Tue, November 16, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
The Portal 2007 E. 12th St, Vancouver, WA‎ (map)

Lets grow more food in Vancouver! Hear local Historian tell the story of the Hudson Bay Company Food System in Vancouver. Share your story of Kitchen gardens in Vancouver and any tid bits of Vancouver's historical food system you'd like to share. Learn about Vancouver's ordinance that allows new community gardens in public parks and about Land Trust's that will work with private landowners to ensure their land is held in trust as agricultural and the benefits that can offer land owners. We will have a map of the four neighborhoods meeting at Grand Blvd and Mill Plain to help us see urban agricultural opportunities and where our neighbor's gardens are. Help us locate a spot for a new Neighborhood Garden! Thanks to Walmart, funding is available for one more garden site in one of the 7 neighborhoods along 4th Plain Boulevard (Rose Village, Central Park, 4th Plain Village, Harney, Bagley Downs, Ogden, & Meadow Homes). At the Planning Urban Abundance Forum you will have an opportunity to suggest a possible site. Please be prepared to include in your suggestion –

1) why you think this would be a good site
2) property location/address
3) owner name and contact info
4) brief description of the current site condition
5) what part you would like to play in the creation of the new site
6) whether or not you have discussed such possibility with the owner

Contact Warren Neth to RSVP or get involved: 260-771-1296

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