Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Urban Growers Market - Uptown Vancouver

There's a new outdoor market coming to town and I am really excited about this one. Part local artisan vendors and part locally grown food...with an emphasis on VERY locally in your backyard.  Here's the skinny from the Urban Growers Market Facebook page:

We are a non-profit based in Vancouver Washington. Our board of directors are: Liz Halili, Sunrise O Mahoney and Chris Stevens. We are an experiment in a new kind of farmers market creating a marketplace for small and backyard growers and gardeners. We will also feature a marketplace for local crafters and artisans to sell their wares. 

Our mission is to create a place for smaller and backyard growers to sell at creating an even closer circle of "buy local". 

Our focus is on sustainability, food safety and availability and community involvement.We are looking for growers of produce and plants for everyday use, food vendors and sellers as well as local artists and crafters.

The Urban Growers Market will be looking for volunteers in the coming months.  All you Westsiders and inner-Eastsiders who want to play a part in this new chapter of the Southwest Washington homegrown, food system security revolution keep your ears open and please heed the call for help. This is going to be the coolest thing in local food since Neighbors Markets opened.

The Urban Growers Market@ coming soon!

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