Thursday, July 9, 2009

White Hart Forge Presents: A Class in Basic Farm Tool Repair and Manufacture

Imagine what it was like 100 years ago when a tool you needed broke and there was no hardware store nearby…. Not to mention if money was tight....You just couldn’t “Go pick up another one.”

What did you do?

You repaired or built your own tools using the basic skills of blacksmithing.

White Hart Forge is offering a class in these skills and techniques.

This is a class designed to teach the basic concepts of blacksmithing while learning the production, maintenance and repair of simple farm and gardening tools.

Students will learn by doing as this is a hands -on class in the art of blacksmithing.

Tools may include hand trowel, garden hoe, shovel or spade, pitch fork.

We also show you how to maintain tools, sharpen edges, and replace worn or broken handles.

In the process you will also learn how to set up a shop of your own; acquiring tools and equipment as well as steels - new and recycled.

Each class costs $75.00 and covers one tool.

Class size is limited so please call ahead and reserve your spot.
You can reach us at the shop at 503-353-6695, via e-mail or on the web

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  1. Thanks for posting this Glenn,Dan and Heidi are VERY talented and excellent teachers.