Thursday, July 16, 2009

Click For Community Gardens

Here's a chance for you to strengthen our local food system and help an organization that does so much for our community. It'll only take about 5 seconds...and you don't even have to leave your desk. Just follow the link below and click on the "Help Us Win" button for the YWCA Community Garden project. Umpqua Bank will be giving the community project with the most votes $15,000 for their project! That's a lot of manure and carrot seeds! You can vote once every week and there are still about 7 weeks left in this contest.

And here's the official word on the YWCA Community Garden project:

The YWCA Clark County Community Garden will be a place where our community can come together to create a space of peace, tranquility, harvest, and rebirth. Your votes will make it possible for a formerly unused ¼ acre parcel of land to be reinvented into a food-bearing, life-giving green space. Our program participants, employees, and the community will all come together to help plan, prep, plant, cultivate, grow, harvest and enjoy the rewards of our efforts. The garden’s harvest will go to our domestic violence shelter (the only such facility in Clark County), the retirees in the home next door, families in transitional housing, and employees. Those who are faced with the tightest of budgets will learn the value growing, canning, and storing your own food can provide. Because of the diversity of our programs, our garden will encourage teamwork and mentorship between multi-generational and multi-cultural peoples. From the 2.5 year old in our preschool program to the teen in our foster care transition program to the domestic violence survivor to our neighbors and friends, our garden will be a place of serenity, therapy, and reward. Working together, the YWCA will continue to be the catalyst for positive change in our community, fostering the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and celebration.

Now Click for Community Gardens!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! Also, the YWCA gets another dollar for every friend that you tell about this project--as long is you do so using "pass the cause" on the Umpqua site--whether or not they vote too! You can also post the Save Hard, Spend Smart site to your page on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.
    --Rose Hart, YWCA Communications Specialist