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Locavore Delivery & Dee Creek Farm News - 5.14.2009

The Locavore farm delivery service provided by Dee Creek Farm is a wonderful way to keep your food dollars in our community, support local agriculture, and put fresh food on your table. The products come from a number of local farms and wildcrafters. The deliveries occur weekly and anyone is welcome to place an order. Orders are taken on Wednesdays and the deliveries are on Thursday evenings. There are two delivery locations. One in Uptown and one in the Salmon Creek area. As the growing season progresses, the number of products increases substantially. And you'll find that you can do a substantial amount of your shopping via the Locavore delivery program. Check it out!

Here's the scoop from Summer @ Dee Creek:

While away last week I was able to update our website a bit, with new blog entries and Calendar events. Please be sure to look them over, as much is going on.

We are having another Water Kefir & Kombucha class (like carbonated soda - only natural & healthy!) this Saturday the 16th, at 6:30pm downtown Vancouver, right off of I-5. If you can make it, please let me know - it's $30/person! You will go home with supplies to make your own yummy water kefir from a culture that is perpetuating (good for your budget!). We will also discuss several other cultures like sour dough, creme fraiche, etc!

We also are hosting a concert at the Farm on Memorial Day at 4:30pm! With little notice, we've got a party tent, sound system, and potluck set up for fun. Keri Noble, an incredible pianist and songwriter, is coming out to share her heart with us. I will send out a flyer shortly.

We won't have any wild mushrooms or greens from Nature's Choice from us (go vacation!), but will again next week! For any looking for Grade A raw (unpasteurized) goats milk, Wynneshire Farms has availability for $5/half-gallon! They're in Ridgefield - let them know we sent you. They also sell goat meat. ~S


Fresh Produce,
Straight from Dee Creek Farm's greenhouse & garden, we have some lovely fresh food this week.

Fresh Herb Bundle (chives & loveage), $3.00

Garden Greens, $3/half-pound

All of the milk produced for our cheeses are from goats raised at Dee Creek Farm. The cheeses are handmade by Spark, too! From start to finish!
Aged Feta, $5.00/container - Creamy block or crumbles of unpasteurized aged feta. Try in scrambled eggs, ravioli stuffing or pasta addition, wild greens & berry salad, beans.
Plain - block or crumble
Marinated - cubes - in olive oil with Garden Delight herbs
Kalamata Olive Tapenade - crumbles

Spicy - crumbles - peppers from Red Basket CSA farm in Battle Ground

Fresh Chevre, $5.00/container - Creamy spreadable cheese, melts in your mouth. Excellent on bagels, in crepes, on crackers, or right off of the spoon!
Garlic Chive - garlic from Storytree Farm, chives from DCF
Dill Herb - herbs from Garden Delight
Strawberry Honey - fresh fruit from Pdx Farmers Market, honey from Honey House Farm
Black Pepper - freshly ground and delish
Original (Plain)

$5/dozen, ($4.50 per dozen for egg CSA'ers)
$2.50/half-dozen (limited)
We'll have lots of Dee Creek Farm eggs, as well as eggs from Creative Outlet! These are (likes ours) are fed only natural feeds and lots of pasture - you can find lots of info on our poultry-raising on our website. Be sure to recycle egg cartons that you pick up at our deliveries with us!

Raw Honey,
Gallon/$32, Half-Gallon/$18, Quart/$12, Pint/$7
Raw honey in glass jars and/or plastic form Honey House Farm in Brush Prairie - super local!

Dried Herbs, $4/packet
From Garden DElights in Brush Prairie, these herbs were hand prepared from chemical-free herbs. There are several mixes available, including: Grilling Blend, Poultry Blend, Mexican Blend, and Veggies & Soups

Canned "Preserves",
Strawberry Jelly, low sugar, $5/8-oz
Raspberry, low sugar, $5/8-oz
White Grape, low sugar, $5/8-oz
The above also come from Garden DElights, in Brush Prairie. A multi generational farm, this Mom and daughter team work hard on creating healthful, local, and delicious foods. Generally known for their herb packets & natural doggy treats, they are also a produce CSA farm!

Natural Suds 'n' Stuff,
Both of the soaps below are crafted by Summer at DCF with quality coconut, olive, palm, and essential oils. Handmade & individually cut, these bars are mild on your skin, and amazing to your nose!

Bittersweet Almond, $4/bar - Bittersweet almond, full of vitamin e, is fantastic for your skin! With undertones of cherry, this one smells good enough to eat!

Egyptian Geranium, $4.50/bar - Fresh floral scent, similar to rose. Geranium is said to have psychologically balancing effects and some like to use it for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and shingles. Historically it was used to treat menopausal and other women's problems.

Egyptian Geranium Lotion Bar, $6/bar - this was made with jojoba, sweet almond & emu oil, beeswax, and a few other goodies, this lotion bar is particularly excellent for anyone with skin sensitivities and/or many other issues because of the Egyptian Geranium essential oil & emu oil. It's rather expensive to produce, so this would best be used as a 'medicinal' bar, rather than an every day bar.


Remember that in an effort to be more efficient, and less wasteful, we do not write individual receipts, but instead keep a book. If you specifically want a receipt, please let us know when you place your order, if possible.

Anyone and everyone can order from our deliveries, not just "subscribers"! To any newcomers on the e-list, welcome! Also rest assured that all farms contributing to our deliveries all meet several standards: chemical-free, sustainable, natural, family farming... If you have questions about any of them, don't hesitate to ask, or check them out yourself!

To order, click here and specify what you would like.
All checks go to "Dee Creek Farm", or bring cash.
We fill pre-orders first, then it’s first come, first served!
We do mostly pre-orders at deliveries, rather than Farmers Market style.
Please help us in this by pre-ordering what you can!

Summer & Spark
Email: summer at deecreekfarm dot com
Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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