Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear Clark County, Please Hire a Professional Editor...

Another day dawns and here I am, still correcting the shoddy work done by people making obscene amounts of money, in a crappy economy, and being paid with YOUR TAX DOLLARS. One would think that there are many, many unemployed professionals who would dedicate themselves to a better job of creating and editing government documents that would be released to the public. I guess JLA has sat on their laurels too long and have grown complacent from their years of "serving" the County under the BS Morris regime...ahhhh...good times those were. But all good things must end and it's time to pull that sow off of the public teat. It's grown fat and lazy. Truthfully though, all of the blame can't be placed on JLA, our County officials have been accepting of JLA's shoddy work and continue to review the documents produced by JLA with what must not amount to much more than a sideways glance, rubber stamp "approved", and then cut another check.

Mr. McCauley & Jeanne, let me give you a hint and you see if you can find the ridiculous error you still have glaring at those of us who are still convinced you are co-conspirators in subterfuge and lies...but we're still willing too consider that gross incompetence might be the politically correct answer to why things have gone the way they have. As long as you are willing to be publicly accountable for your actions and stop wasting our tax dollars on incompetence. Take that to mean what you think. I'm happy to be as specific as you'd like in a public meeting or via e-mail correspondence, but I don't truly believe you people are made of stern enough stuff to do the honorable thing.

Actually, lets make this really fun...a game that we can all play as a community. Today, or maybe after I smacked them over the head yesterday afternoon, the County & JLA recounted the total for the "Dot" exercise from the April 9th Workshop...again. And lo and behold, rather than not existing (the first count) or 5 dots (the 2nd count?), the TACER actually had 66 DOTS. But here's the thing, there are multiple documents that discuss the results of the workshop and the exercise and they are all equally as important. Especially the first main document which reviews and summarizes the results of the workshop. So, CCF&F readers, Clark County staff, and employees of JLA, you need to go to this document:

Workshop Comments Summary

And find the big, screaming, gigantic, glaring error that makes this entire document not worth two cents. And I know it cost the taxpayers more than two cents...I'll give you one more hint. The mistake in the dot count directly relates to the error in this document. If the County and JLA actually correct this mistake as quickly as they did the one from yesterday, I'll be impressed. If they will publicly acknowledge on the Documents page that there are errors that have been corrected and note what those errors are and where they can be found, I'll be really impressed.

BTW, we are saving all versions of these documents that we can...just in case the County can't find their old copies and would like to review the originals. My guess is since they don't bother to edit, fact check, or make note of corrections in revised versions of documents, then they probably don't archive previous versions of documents either. How positively convenient!

The winner will get a gift certificate for $20 worth of merchandise from either the Battle Ground Farmers Market, Dee Creek Farm, or Nature's Choice.

The first person to e-mail me with the correct answer will be the winner.

Good Luck!

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