Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soulless, Bloodsucking Pigs From Miller Nash Are Pimps for Sprawl In Clark County

Just a little followup to the post I made yesterday about the pro-development ruling on the Futurewise appeal of the expansion of the county urban growth boundary. Someone from Miller Nash LLP, a local law firm, was trolling this blog today and reading the aforementioned post. Miller Nash represented the pro-development camp in this legal battle.

I wish I had said this earlier, but just in case anyone from Miller Nash stops back by here anytime soon, let me just go on the record as saying you subhumans of the law firm of Miller Nash LLP are a bunch of soulless, bloodsucking pigs, are pimps for sprawl, and couldn't give a damn about the health and welfare of our community. Please consider moving yourselves and your families to someplace like Dallas, Phoenix, or Los Angeles, where your ignorant ideas and values about unchecked development and a total lack of concern about preserving natural resources and priceless farmland are appreciated and will inevitably lead you to the misery and suffering you deserve once you run out of natural resources and the riots begin. I am quite certain that you all have an especially, horrible place waiting for you in Hell when you die.


  1. This is exactly why i love you Glenn and your blog too. Speaking the truth and speaking one's mind may not be hand in hand partners at all times, but at some junctures it is mandatory. All too often, polite discourse allows mediocrity, usury, and abuse to flourish because people feel that their personal sentiments are not valid or part of the TRUTH.

    Posting sentiments about minor pending legislation that marks out the boundary between "good intention" and "how it usually goes down the corporate drain", hell-wishes for thoughtless legal schills, and constant presence and advocacy for the fundamentals of life; clean water, clean air, clean food, are the reason I keep coming back, posting forward, and joining in.

    One of these days I hope to be as coherent as you and write things like "pimps for sprawl"

    keep at it and keep us informed. your worldview is humane, a quality that is mostly lost on those who have no care.

  2. It's amazing that a well connected law firm would feel threatened by a little ole' blog.

    I like "Pimps for Sprawl" as a term of truth better than the euphemism "Smart Growth".

  3. I don't think Miller Nash feels "threatened" by anything. These legal professionals, just like so many of our politicians, have lost touch with humanity. And the only things either of them might feel threatened by are campaign finance reform and paying their income tax.