Monday, April 20, 2009

Dee Creek Farm CSA Openings!

Just in case you've been procrastinating with your commitment to a CSA subscription this year, I just got word from Summer @ Dee Creek Farm that they have a few spots left for their CSA this year. They also run a poultry CSA as a separate offering that still has a few spots open as well. Here's the scoop from Summer:

Produce CSA

If anyone is interested in a Produce CSA subscription with Dee Creek Farm, please email, as we have a few openings. Our season goes from July 1st - October 31st, and is $400, half due up front. With limited space, let me know as soon as possible!

Poultry CSA

Well folks, I've been promising this long enough, and usually have it out by January, but alas, here is the Poultry Order Form for 2009! Please let me know if you have any trouble opening it, or if you'd rather a print out. You can also order via email, and I can fill it out for you. Your order is not final until I confirm your order directly, and then receive your deposit.

To learn more about how we handle our poultry, check out our website, where you can find descriptive information about how we raise our chickens. We take pride in growing quality-pastured chickens that are healthy, tender, juicy, and tasty!

What Makes Our Poultry Unique

- I (Summer) am a board member with the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

-Our pastures have been chemical-free for over 35 years

-We use fresh grains from a local mill to supplement foraging,

using custom recipes, and working with animal nutritionists

-This summer we will mix and mill on the farm for quality assurance

-We are the only licensed facility in SW Washington, legally able to offer

our poultry with options (cut up, delivery, farmers market, etc)

- On-farm processing promotes humane, healthy, and sustainable practices

- We offer a diverse array of products produced at the farm, supporting a more

full "shopping" experience, as well as promoting healthy, well-rounded land,

based on permaculture practices

For various reasons, this year there are several local poultry farmers that are cutting back in a big way, or not raising poultry at all. Because of this, and since often we're already sold out many months in advance, I'd suggest you place your order sooner rather than later.

Also because we raise our poultry for 7-24 weeks, it is imperative that you place your order sooner than later. Please prepare for the "off season" (November-April) when putting in your order as well.

Below I've attached the Poultry Order Form (*NOTE: You'll have to e-mail Summer for a copy of the order form because I can't post a Word document here @ Blogger*) . Please read through it, fill it out, and email me your order or me to confirm before you send/give payment. We can arrange for you to mail a check, or pay at deliveries.

How it works, in a Nutshell

We generally get our baby chicks in March, and finish in October. That way our chickens are raised during the most nutritious seasons for foraging. This means that we have chicken available May through October. Our turkeys will be ready early this year, near late-September.

This season our meat chickens are Cornish Cross. Our stewing hens are various breeds of layers: Sexlinks, Black Austrolorps, Aracauana, and others (and only available when I put it in a Thursday Locavore Delivery email, not by pre-ordering). Our heirloom turkeys are all bronze - no white broad breasted this year!

We offer a Seasonal Chicken CSA, or one-time purchases. For either, we need your order as early as 8 weeks in advance of pick up. For our Seasonal CSA offering, you will need to commit to a minimum of 4 chickens per month, for at least 3 consecutive months. This will ensure that your order will be filled, and at an excellent rate of $13.00 per 3.5-4 pound bird (approximately 10%-15% discount from our retail price). If you choose to make an order for one-time pick up, our price per pound is $3.85 for chickens & turkeys. We expect our turkeys to be 15-23 pounds each.

A deposit of $5 per chicken, and $25 per turkey, is due with y
is due with your order, and will be applied to your total. The remaining balance is due when you retrieve your meat.

Generally your meat pick up should coincide with our weekly deliveries. If not, you will get a heads up so that you can make arrangements!

Please understand that the weather plays a big role in things. We will only have what is available in season. This keeps in tune with nature, and promotes quality rather than quantity - on various levels (soil, animal health, etc). As a reminder: be sure to plan ahead for the winter months, when there will be no chicken or turkey available.

Summer & Spark
Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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