Monday, April 13, 2009

Battle Ground Farmer's Market Opening Day & Earthday Events - 4.18.2009

Here's a press release for the Battleground Farmer's Market just in from market master and local CSA farmer (Rosemattel CSA) Brenda Millar-Stanton:

Battle Ground Farmers Market 2009 Grand Season Opening April 18th, 2009.

Hours are 9-3 every Saturday through October 17th.
Check out our website for 2009 events, sponsorship opportunities and more!
(360) 576-9767

Earth Day Celebration April 18th, 2009
Earth day celebration will be our season opening event for 2009!

Here is what the Battle Ground Farmers Market has in store for the community-

Seed/Plant Exchange
For earth day we are encouraging visitors of the market to participate in a plant/ seed exchange. Bring your tree seedling or some really neat seeds to exchange with a different item on the table!

Pledge to our Mother Earth
Sign a leaf pledge with your promise to our earth about how or what you plan to do in your daily activities that is friendly to our planet. Place the leaf on the tree and watch it grow!

Children's Project
The market will have an earth day activity area with fun easy to do projects that revolve around earth day

Market Wireless Technology Project Begins!
Use your EBT/Credit/Debit Card to the Market Manager/Wireless Booth so that you may swipe your card for wooden market tokens that you will be able to use for market purchases!

Token Pouch Giveaway
The wooden tokens that the market will be handing out as market money this season is made from a renewable resource-trees! Get your token pouch from the wireless token booth when you use your credit/debit/ebt card to buy tokens! Supplies are limited.

Plant a Row For the Hungry Campaign Begins!

The PAR Campaign kicks off at the market! Free seeds and markers for all who would like to take part in this hunger relief project. All you will need to do is fill out a grow card, and grow a row of veggies to donate to your local food bank or shelter.

The market will have a harvest party at the end of the season with all PAR growers invited!

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