Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carbonated Drinks & Homemade Buttermilk Workshop @ Dee Creek Farm - 5.4.2009

Another very cool and economically appropriate workshop hosted by the good folks at Dee Creek Farm. Here's the word from Summer @ DCF:

Please Join Us at Dee Creek Farm for-

"Carbonated Drinks & Homemade Buttermilk"

by Julie F.
May 4th, 2008, 6pm
$30 per person
To register for the class, email me your interest, and confirm with your admission fees (at deliveries or by mail).

***Class space is limited***

Carbonated Drinks & Homemade Buttermilk will be a hands-on experience of making your own soda's out of water kefir "grains" (a culture that just keeps giving). You will go home with your own 'grains' so that you can make this yummy fruitful and naturally sweetened (evap. cane sugar, sucanat, rapadura, anything!) soda at your own home - and can pass this on to your children and beyond!

Where we will taste and talk water kefir primarily, Julie will share a demonstration on how to culture your own buttermilk at home, using quality dairy. She will also instruct on several other "old fashioned" ferments that will save you money & time, tho' we will keep this class mainly focused on the above.

Julie will have several cultures available for sale at this workshop. For more information on cultures that she carries, please check out her website at: www.culturesforhealth.com Julie was an instructor at a university before becoming a Mom. She now shares her education with us!

Below is a list of several:

Yogurt Starters, Buttermilk Starter, Water Kefir Grains, Milk Kefir Grains, Kombucha, Sourdough Starter

Bring snacks just in case class heads on into evening!
(we're shooting for 2 hours)

Come, and let's learn together!

I think there is no better time than now, when the economy is struggling, to learn old-fashioned ways of living!

Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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