Monday, April 27, 2009

78th Street/WSU/Old Poor Farm Property Concept Plan Survey...Again...

For some reason I'm experiencing deja vu while writing this post...

Clark County has just posted the much anticipated 78th Street/WSU/Old Poor Farm Concept Plan Survey on their web site. You can (and should) participate in the survey by clicking the link below:

Survey Link

Here's your opportunity to weigh in on the future development of this unique and very special place. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and pass the word along to all of your friends and neighbors.

Not sure what all of the fuss about 78th Street is? Follow the links below to get up to speed:

Wait...Wait...It's coming to me now...I've got it!!

The reason this seems so familiar is that I already let you folks know about this survey
10 DAYS AGO!! So why am I posting this again? Because I just received my official e-mail from Jeanne Lawson & Associates (JLA) officially notifying the public that the survey was online and active....and, by the way, it closes on May 8th. And I'm pretty darn certain that something(s) have changed about the survey content since I took the survey...

Yep, just your friendly neighborhood blogger gettin' the job done for the County, gettin' it done
10 DAYS quicker than the "professionals" are, and I'm not even gettin' paid.

I wonder how much they're paying the folks at JLA for their first class obfuscation and all-around half-assed job handling the public involvement process for our beloved Old Poor Farm? Maybe Clark County General Services Director Mark McCauley forgot to send JLA the memo that it was time to tell us all about the survey? And just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know.

Anyways, despite others' attempts to keep my fellow Clark County taxpayers in the dark and out of the public involvement process, you can count on me to shine the light in the dark places for you. Please go to the County's web site and take their survey. Use the comment section to remind them that the TACER is still not included in the information that would help you make informed decisions about the development of the 78th Street site. Let them know that you're not sure why you're taking a survey that is meaningless due to the fact that they have concealed information from the public and altered data.

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