Friday, April 24, 2009

Chicken Butchering Class - 07.12.2009

Too cool! We've recently had a sheep butchering class, now here's a chicken butchering class! I'm still holding out for a pig class like the ones Tom the Butcher holds at his place in NYC. You should really get in on this chicken butchering class if you've never done poultry yourself before. It's easy and can save you a ton of money, even if you just use what you learn to cut up whole birds from the meat market. Here's the scoop on the class from Rois @ Hrafinstaad.

Class: Butchering Chickens
When: Sun, July 12, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Where: Urban Farm Store (map)
Description: Learn how to slaughter and process your own birds. Techniques will be demonstrated and hands-on participation is required. Bring your own birds if at all possible. $10 fee.

Urban Farm Store - (SE Morrison/20th Ave in Portland)

Wear grubby clothes, not hugely messy, but there is some mess. This does stink so those with sensitive noses watch out. Bring a sharp knife for various reasons.

If the class goes well we will be teaching it again or Chance and I are willing to teach something away from the store too.

Questions? Contact us at hrafinstaad at aol dot com

Thanks for the support.

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  1. Wow Thanks for the support! We are so excited to be teaching this skill to other folks.
    Please be advised that the class has a limit of only 10 people.We have only 8 spots left so sign up soon.
    Again if this goes well we can teach it again at Urban Farm or we can organize something elsewhere.
    Chance and Rois
    Hrafinstaad Homestead