Monday, August 23, 2010

Salmon Creek Farmers' Market - 8.26.2010

The bluegrass gospel group, Misty Mamas, will entertain us on Thursday, August  26th – from 5 to 7.  More corn is coming from Thoeny Farms, not to mention all of the freshly harvested SW produce provided by our vendors.  We’re moving swiftly into peak harvesting season for our local area.

For Thursday evening’s dinner, look for PIZZA, served freshly and directly by Russell’s Bread’s mobile pizza oven, making its debut visit at the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market.  Foody Blues BBQ continues to provide ribs and chicken (and grilled corn) and Felida’s Farrar’s Bistro will be there with all kinds of nifty-tasting wraps.

For the kids, don’t forget the Barnyard – and the turkey and cheese sandwiches made especially for them by Farrar’s Bistro.

We had no takers for the Market Basket last week.  Give this some thought and we’ll try it again this week.  Order via email in advance based upon a list of products that the vendors provide on Wednesday.  Pick it up at the market by 7:15 p.m., Thursday.  Great for those of you who whose work keeps you until 7 p.m., or whose kids’ soccer practices keep you from getting to the market on time.  You’ll hear more about this on our website, on Facebook and an email to follow on Wednesday.

Salmon Creek Farmers' Market

3:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Conveniently located at the west end of NE 139th Street.
On the north side and west side of the Three Creeks Library and Salmon Creek Fred Meyer.

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