Sunday, August 1, 2010

Duck Eggs !

I just received this nice e-mail from Michael Berkompas regarding the availability of duck eggs for sale at his farm. If you like chicken eggs, you'll love duck eggs! Give the Berkompas family a call and support local agriculture.

Hi Glenn,I've got 40 ducks which will start laying in early September and was wondering whether you'd post an ad for me on your Clark County Food & Farm site. The ducks have all been well taken care of and have been fed no antibiotics, etc...
Eggs are $5.50/dozen and I'm looking for enough customers to sell 15 dozen a week.My house is located 7 minutes north of Battleground but I'm also able to pass out eggs in Brush Prairie.

Here's a link to the Craigslist ad I currently have up:

I want the attached image posted as well as the following short description:

The Berkompas Family Farm has a new flock of approximately 40 Khaki Campbell ducks which will start laying early this September. Sign up now to get yourself on the customer list for once they start laying. $5.50 per dozen. First come, first serve! Only 15 dozen per week available. Eggs can be picked up either at the farm (7 minutes north of Battleground), or in Brush Prairie (Union Business Park). Contact Michael at or use the online form here to add yourself to the list. 


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