Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How about a CSA With a Twist?

Any of my CSA farmer friends who had or are having trouble filling subscriptions might want to read about this novel concept my buddy Alan Bishop is using.

"...This year Bishop’s Homegrown is looking to create a viable alternative to the traditional CSA program by creating a farm stand coupon program which will allow customers to still share in helping us get our business going during the part of the season in which seed and implements and other essentials are being purchased while also making the relationship more convenient for the farmer and the shareholders.

In this arrangement, instead of the farmer putting together a box of produce weekly he has selected for you you will instead receive “credit” from our farm which will allow you to visit our farm stand or farm where you can make your selection of produce that we have available including also a selection of seedlings, nursery stock, seeds, compost, poultry, meat, animals and other items from our farm. This gives you the opportunity to decide what you want instead of us deciding what you want. Every $100 you invest will also get you a 10% discount which means that you will actually get 10% more produce for your food dollars."

You can read the entire post by following the link below:

Don't forget to check out Alan's open source vegetable seed catalog:

And last, but not least, his very informative and friendly horticultural/agricultural/cultural bulletin board:

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