Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bishop's Homegrown 2011 Face of the Earth Seed Catalog

Well, Alan Bishop (my friend, super farmer, plant breeder and social activist) of Bishop's Homegrown finally managed to get a seed catalog of sorts together for 2011.

I can't recommend his seeds highly enough. Alan is offering seeds from stable and unstable plant lines in his seed rack. While growing unstable lines may not be for everyone, the benefits of growing from seed like Alan's (as well as seed from the Ken Ettlinger Long Island Seed Project, Tom Wagner of Tater-Mater Seeds and others) are many.

Most importantly you are helping independent seedsmen who are busting their tails to ensure the supply of new, diverse and non-patented seeds.

You will have the ability to select individual plants that bear favorable traits for your specific garden, climate, taste or breeding project.
You'll have a garden full of interesting and surprising things that will taste better than anything you can find in a store.
You'll be contributing to the future of our nation's food system security.

Some of the finest tasting and most beautiful fruits and vegetables I have ever grown came from Alan, Tom and Ken.

I know there are many great companies out there, but here's a short list of folks I have personally done business with and highly recommend to get you started.

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