Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Radical Relocalization

A big thanks to Andrew over at Radical Relocalization for these powerful words!

A Relocalizer's Manifesto!

I declare it's obvious as hell
we can take care of our ourselves,
we the neighbors, we the friends,
we the face-to-face people.

We can grow our own food
and enough for others too
- if we work our asses off.
We can make our foolery and finery
- make our own bedevilment and divinery.

We can work close by and make the neighborhood ring.

There's no army to shoot us when we don't buy a car,
no knock on the door if we plant a cabbage
where the driveway was.
No tax on the burgeoning compost pile.
Most every one will like the fruit trees
and the fish in the fresh dug pool.

Because it is so
I declare our collective smarts
brighter than our solitary darks.
I acknowledge our collective intelligence
past the laments
and the governments.
The road's not far,
and we'll be glad we went.

Don't need our country uber alles
and mine's not strong or free.
But we can take care of it
pretty much locally.

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