Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dee Creek Farm Connect Locavore Delivery - 5.13.2010

The conference last weekend was great, and the presentation went well. Thanks all for being so flexible so I could go! And thanks, too, for those that offered to help with rain barrel movin' tomorrow before class - you guys never cease to offer help when it's needed!

We had baby Mallard ducklings hatch on Saturday. We've a few available, if anyone would like them for $5/each. No vaccines. Mom and Dad live here as 'pets', free roaming, eating along the way.

Check out the Portland Farmers Market blog where Reister's Farm was the Featured Ag vendor to tout about - check it out and meet your lamb farmers (you'll spot Rachel, Jake, or Phil at weekly deliveries in Salmon Creek)! We're glad to know you, and I'm certain everyone that has tried your lamb is lovin' it!

Check out the sale on soap. Let's get it moving so we can make room for more. We also have more laundry kits available, too - yay!

Don't forget - the stuffed mushroom contest (and your chance to win over $25 in food!) ends tomorrow. ~S

Here's this week's delivery offerings:


Eggs, $5/dozen, ($2.50/half-dozen - limited supply)
We have plenty of eggs this week from Dee Creek Farm and Creative Outlet (certified naturally grown). Order fast for first dibs. DCF eggs are generally sold out to our "Egg CSA-ers". We also share our eggs at the Portland & Vancouver Farmers Markets. Please bring cartons back for reuse, if decent!

Dee Creek Farm Dairy Deliciousnesses
Frozen Chevre, $4/each - Pasteurized, soft, spreadable goat cheese.
Frozen: Garlic & Chive, Original, Provence, Black Pepper, Garlic & Chive
Feta, $5/each - Fresh, Pasteurized, block or crumbles 4oz.
Vanilla Cajeta, $5/each - Creamy vanilla caramel - made with goat milk!
In coffee, ice cream topping, dipping apples... Mmm! Includes organic cane sugar.
Chester, $7-$8.50 - Young washed rind Muenster-like, semi-firm, full of flavor. Soft and creamy.
Capraphilly, $6-$8 - One of our more popular semi-firm cheeses last Fall, this one's back!
From start to finish, you'll find Dee Creek Farm's cheese in compostable containers, and hard cheese in vacuum sealed wedges. For more info on our dairy, check out our website:

Local Lamb - from Reister Farms
$7/lb. lamb burger
$8/lb. italian ground sausage
$8 mint & feta brats (4 to a pkg)
$30 - Individual size includes the following:
1lb. kabob meat, 2 shoulder steaks, 1lb burger, 1 pkg garlic feta or italian brats
$65 - Small family size ( 2 to 3 people) includes the following:
1 boneless shoulder roast, 4 shoulder steaks, 1 lbs burger, 2 shanks 2 pkg garlic/feta brats or italian
$100 - Large family size includes the following:
1 boneless leg roast, 6 shoulder steaks, 2lb. burger, 2lb. shanks, 2 pkgs garlic feta brats or italian
This is from Reister Farms in Washougal, and includes USDA processing and packaging.

Grassfed Beef - from Cascade Grassfed Beef
$4.00 Ground beef, by the pound
$4.50 Four Beef Hamburger Patties
$60 Ten Pound Roast Combo
$98 Ten Pound Steak Combo
This is from Cascade Grassfed Beef in Aurora, who uses a USDA processing facility, making it possible to sell by the package (rather than by the quarter, half, or whole).

Wild & Naturally Preserved Eats - from Nature's Choice
Mushrooms, Fresh (1/4# bags)
Shiitake $3.00
Maitake $4.00
Oyster $4.00
Wild Morels $6.50 - this is the last of them for a while!
Berries & Nuts
Frozen Huckleberries $9.00 per pound
Frozen Elderberries $6.00 per pound
Dried, Peeled, Cleaned Chestnuts $3.50 per 1/4# bag
Check out for more info on these great wild gatherers, and how to use their products!

Natural Soap - $3/each - SPECIAL for this week!
These are great soap bars made out of natural ingredients by one of our customers, Kathy. Choose from: Oatmeal/Tea Tree, Peppermint, and/or Lavender

Unscented Laundry Soap Kit - $5/each
The kit will make 3 gallons of liquid laundry soap, made by Kathy. All ingredients & instructions included to make your very own. You just need a pot, a bucket, a wooden spoon - and essential oils, if desired!


To order, click here and specify what you would like.
Pay by cash. If necessary, checks can be made to "Dee Creek Farm"
We fill pre-orders first, then it’s first come, first served!
We do mostly pre-orders at deliveries, rather than Farmers Market style.
Please help us in this by pre-ordering what you can!

Summer & Spark
Farm Phone: 360-225-9711
Cell Phone: 360-903-6956 (no service at the Farm)

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