Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Days

Whew! Looks like we're in for one of our mini heat waves for the next few days. Time to think about getting more planting done in your garden and get some of those warmer season veggies like peppers, eggplants and tomatoes out into the warm sunshine. It's also time to explore some of the great dog day refreshers available at various dining establishments around town. Here are a few of my favorite West Side joints to start things off...

Maple Bacon or Birthday Cake gelato at Dolce Gelato.

How about a doppio, a teeny-tiny tasty biscotti and a glass of cool sparkling water at Paradise Kafe on Main St.? Best midday pick-me-up ever and it'll only set you back a couple of Sacajaweas.

Woody's Tacos has a small but nice beer selection, the BEST happy hour menu in town (I guarantee!) cold agua frescas and spicy salsas.

A cold, craft brew at the very popular Brickhouse Bar & Grill. No one can match their beer list on the North Bank. beer list.

And if you're looking to fire up the grill and need some brews to go, please visit my good friends Dave & Arlene at By the Bottle down on Evergreen. Last time I was in they were stocking over 500 different brews in their coolers...sweeeeet...

And while you're in the neighborhood, take the kiddos over to the water feature at Esther Short Park for a splash.

Stay cool!


  1. OR, at my age, you could drop the kids off at the Brickhouse Bar & Grill and take yourself over to the water feature at Esther Short for a splash!! I'm thinkin "I wanna grow up to be an old woman" woot, woot ~L

  2. However you celebrate it, this sunshine is a welcome change! I've been out in the garden all morning!