Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I would like to preface the forthcoming rant by stating that I am a self-admitted malcontent. However, I prefer to express my dissatisfaction via non-destructive courses of action...like writing this blog. Today I'm straying from my usual path. I've got a problem with a guy who's been pissing in my backyard. Figuratively speaking, of course, but nonetheless he is bent on destroying an idea that I am very passionate about...the Vancouver Food Co-op. See, there's this guy who, until recently, was a member of the Vancouver Food Co-op. The events leading up to yesterday's announcement of the lawsuit are stright from the script of a daytime soap opera. Here's the abbreviated version:

He devotes a great deal of time and energy towards helping co-op.
He has disagreements about what and how things are being done and develops a particular (obsessive) dislike towards a specific board member .
He does not get elected as board member during formal board election (but his significant other is elected).
He begins a campaign of negative propaganda about the newly elected co-op board which culminates with his unethical use of the co-op mailing list to send unsolicited e-mails and letters to co-op members.
His significant other is dismissed from the board.
The board moves to revoke his co-op membership and refer the issue to the co-op membership for a vote of approval.
He decides that if things can't be his way, then he'll sue a co-op board member.
Co-op board attempts to settle with him for the cost of his membership plus court and service costs.
He refuses and proceeds with frivolous litigation.

So here's my two cents. This guy is a egotistical, self-centered, obsessive creep. I think his motivation comes from the need for attention and the need to be in control. But he can't have that now. So now he's willing sacrifice the entire co-op just so he can experience a fleeting moment of feeling victorious, or right, or justified, or whatever the heck it is that fuels his actions. Not that I believe that people who behave like he does can ever truly be fulfilled or satisfied. I imagine after crushing their most recent adversary, they move quickly to find another unsuspecting opponent.

I honestly don't expect someone with a personality such as his to care about anyone but himself. I am convinced that in some twisted, delusional way, he actually views himself as some sort of martyr without whom this co-op has little to no chance of success.

If he could possibly separate his world from reality for a moment, perhaps he might consider that are 167 other people out there who also have a personal and a financial interest in this co-op too. I for one would appreciate if he doesn't screw things up for the rest of us.

So, now that you've been updated on the drama of opening a co-op, I'll make my pitch. If you would like to be involved with the many positive aspects of the Vancouver Food Co-op and could offer your assistance towards making the co-op dream come true, then please purchase a share in the co-op. I know, it's $180.00. BUT you can purchase your share in several installments AND it's a one-time only purchase. Yep. You'll be a member for life. There are also ample opportunities to volunteer your time (a little or a lot) and skills (whether you're a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick make...the co-op wants you).

Clark County is desperately in need of a community owned grocery store where we can be assured that our money is being put right back into the local economy, or at least into the purses of people who believe in food that is fair, safe, and good. Just follow the links below to make it happen:

What the heck is the Vancouver Food Co-op?
Buy a Share
Co-op Wish List (put that old card table in your garage to good use or maybe your philanthropic Uncle Bob owns a sign shop?)
Attend a Meeting or an Event


  1. I am with you on your feelings of frustration with people who are only out for themselves.

    Just be careful about what you say/write here. It could be used in some way against you with this lawsuit. Have you talked to a lawyer?

  2. I am an owner and volunteer in the VFC. And I can say from experience that most everyone involved is conscientious, community-minded, and dedicated to helping us get a full community center grocery co-op. Please do join in - and help the community protect itself from exactly what happened from ever happening again! We don't need drama and saga and hostility, we want and need a locally supported and local supporting food supply for Vancouver and Clark County!

  3. Stephanie,

    Thank you for your kind words of concern. I am a mere shareholder of the co-op and I am not involved with this or any other litigation involving the co-op or the angst manufacturer mentioned in my blog post. This incident is just one of dozens that ruffle my feathers. And considering my personal interest in the well-being of the co-op, I felt obliged to write about it.