Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meadow Tilth Farm Ad from Craigslist 6-3-08

Sorrel, Greek Oregano, Sunchokes, Asters flowering more - $1

(Near Costco and Home Depot)
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Date: 2008-06-03, 11:51PM PDT

Our methods are organic*, almost biodynamic, permaculture. Healthy soil, remineralized, use filtered water for our garden. Compost and composted manure from organically fed chickens. Glacial rock dust for mineral enrichment/replenishment.

Blue grape Hyacinths. Perenial bulb $1 each
Sorrel - lovely perennial green that has a sour lemon flavor -- great for salads, green smoothies and sandwiches. small starts $2.00
Greek Oregano -- herb, small starts $1.00
Sunchokes 1-2 foot tall $3 each
Locust tree -- 15' tall in laarge pot - $80.00
Asters large bunch about 10" tall 2 years old.
Perennial bulbs $30

Parsnips in pots $2.00
Bare root parsnips dug fresh for you $1.00 each.Parsnips are edible roots, can be juiced and great when mixed with potatoes to mild them out. Parsnips also break up clay fairly well. If they are small or crooked then they may be woody. Let it go to seed and it will reseed itself. They are easy to weed out if you get too many the next year.

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