Friday, June 27, 2008

Jim Hunter's Back!

Here's an editorial piece sent to me by my favorite farmer/philosopher/activists, Jim & Diane Hunter of Hunter's Greens CSA. Give it a read...

This letter was submitted to the Battle Ground Reflector on June 16, 2008

Dear Editor,

Does property rights activist Chuck Cushman really want to save the family farm, or is he just playing an election year game of pin the "tale" on the donkey? His Colf Farm editorial (June 11) appears to suggest the latter: "If the ports don't use eminent domain, then Governor Gregoire will try to take the land and get the blame." Note that this strategy does nothing to solve the problem, but only re-assigns blame. As farmers, we aren't suprised by this shell game. The property rights movement has historically been generously funded by mining companies who seek to strip farmers' land of coal without restoring it to productivity, or threaten our livestock wells with cyanide from heap leach mines.To Mr. Cushman and his movement we offer the following challenge. Join the humble voters of our community and engage your considerable resources toward bringing together the Port Commissioners, the Governor, our Congressional Delegation and the President, who all share jurisdiction in this matter. Ask them to stop playing political games and find a solution that saves farmland AND wildlife habitat. A parcel of land can surely be both. After all, the first and only time these farmers have seen sandhill cranes was in another farmer's field in the Woodland Bottoms.With or without the property rights movement it is time for producers and consumers of local food to act now to save our precious farmland. Write your elected officials.

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Jim and Diane Hunter

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  1. Ah yes, Chuck Cushman, "Mr. Rent A Riot".

    Since the "property rights" movement is finance by mining interests in other states, what's driving it in Clark County? The builders?