Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Sprouting In Vancouver?

Laura Cole (the other half of the local wild food foraging company Nature's Choices) has started her own line of gourmet, ultra healthy sprouted things...aptly named Sprouts & Things. Laura's line of tasty sprouts will be available this weekend at Storytree Farm's open house, as well as at Bill Cole's farmers' market stand.

Here are a few of Sprouts & Things initial offerings:

Broccoli sprouts:  they are hulled and "greening"  right now and have 1 more day of growth . . . soooo awesome good we can't tell ya. Will be trying these as a micro-green in the near future too.
Lentil sprouts:  French Black, yummm. These are hulled and drying almost ready to package up. Hearty, crunchy and mild. One of our favorites that we've been using this past year in green salads, soups, potato salad and such. Or even just a lentil salad with snipped chives or green onion, lemon juice & olive oil.  Yayuh baby!
French Garden:  another leafy sprout like the broccoli, very interesting & gourmet'ish. Hulled and greening today. A delectable blend of mildly sweet, tangy, bitter and peppery. Perfect.  Clover, arugula, fenugreek, radish, cress and dill - all in one scoop.  Woo hoo.
Yuletide:  mmmmm. red, green and white prettiness - the full bean flavor of the adzukis with the sweet bean flavor of the minimally sprouted mungs is exceptional, add a touch of Pea, magnifique!
Sprouted Red Winter Wheat:  awesome sweet and nutritious, this one is especially for all you bakers out there. My goodness this stuff smells good!  Continues to grow even with refrigeration though, so for the maximum nutrition density you'll want to use these up the first few days.
San Francisco Blend:  Peanuts, Mung, Adzuki, Black, Crimson, Eston, French Blue & Green Lentils, Green, Speckled & Bill Jump Peas, Black, Brown & Beige Garbanzos Whew . . that's a mouthful, literally. Beyond beautiful and tasty. Great raw or cooked.

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