Monday, April 5, 2010

Hunters' Greens Farm Update - 4.5.2010

When last we wrote, it was sunny and warm. We farmers must be optimists, because we were sure that weather would last all spring. So here it is in the mid-thirties, blowing and pouring, certainly this can't last forever.

One of the reasons Jim has nearly given up on season extending row covers is that they are always blowing away. He still uses burlap to cover the carrot seed, but it blew off days after it was installed and weighed down with pebbles. I guess we'll just have to take what nature brings.

Meanwhile, Brenda has been sprouting salad greens and radishes under her row covers, hoping to have them ready for the opening of the Battle Ground Farmer's Market on April 24. Good luck with that Brenda!

Both of us continue to seed things in the green house and in any warm corner we can find, Brenda on top of her refrigerator and Jim in his home made germination chamber (three shelves with six flourescents for light and two incandescents to add heat all wrapped in an insulation blanket).

Brenda and Jim have teamed up to promote CSAs through local neighborhood association newsletters and meetings. We have an article and presentation coming up here in Brush Prairie in May.

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Hunters' Greens CSA
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