Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dee Creek Farm Locavore Farm Delivery - 4.15.10

I have sold out of pre-ordered chicken CSA's. That said, we have only pre-sold only a portion of what's on the field, 'just in case'. This way we do not over-commit. So there should be extra's, which I'll post in emails. The first batch will not be until the last week of May (and the first week in June). Remember to bring me paper shreds for bedding if you happen to have some!

One of our young lady customers, Lana, is offering tomato starts at $2.50 for a 4" pot, $4.60 for a 6" pot. She can bring them to deliveries on the 23rd, I believe (but order from her directly). There are many great varieties. Check out her website at: http://lanastomatoes.50webs.com/index.HTM

Be sure to mention Dee Creek Farm when registering for the Rainbarrel Workshop on 5/12 - the're leaving us a little extra room for seats! Also, the Clark County Dairy Goat Association is hosting a cheese making class on May 1st at the CASEE Center in Brush Prairie. Mary Rosenblum is an amazing instructor, and a great resource! You will also get to taste a 'fleet' of cheeses! Membership is $15, which gets you into class, or you can pay for class without joining.

Check out our recent blog about the last Herbal Class, too! We're scheduling another, as that one sold out quickly! We're planning on 4/24, possibly at the Farm (preference?) Details coming! Are you interested? ~S


Eggs, $5/dozen, $2.50/half-dozen
We have plenty of eggs this week from Dee Creek Farm and Creative Outlet (certified naturally grown). Order fast for first dibs. DCF eggs are generally sold out to our "Egg CSA-ers" -- if you want onboard, I can give you more info and get you started! We also share our eggs at the Portland & Vancouver Farmers Markets.

Dee Creek Farm Dairy Deliciousnesses, from start to finish
Goat Milk, Lightly Pasteurized, $4/quart
Frozen Chevre, $4/each - Pasteurized, soft, spreadable goat cheese. Frozen from Saturday Market.
Garden, Garlic & Chive, Original, Black Pepper
Feta, $5/each - Aged (sharp), Pasteurized, block or crumbles 4oz.
Cajeta (caramel topping/dip), $5/each - Creamy caramel - made with goat milk! In coffee, on ice cream, dipping apples... Mmm! Does include raw cane sugar.

Dried Things - from Mountain Rose Herbs
We put in a bulk order and I have a few things I don't need (extras). Let me know if you want to claim any of the following, for medicinal and/or food preparing uses - or whatever else! MRH is a great resource of quality, organic herbs and spices. Check them out for more info!
Arnica Flowers, $10/2oz.
Basil, $2.00/4oz.
Calendula Flowers, $3.50/2oz.
Lemon Balm, $1.50/2oz.
Nettle Leaf, $3/2+oz.
Oatstraw, $2.25/4oz.
Thyme, $2.00/2oz.

Local Lamb - from Reister Farms
$7/lb. lamb burger
$8/lb. boneless lamb roasts (2 to 4 lb roasts)
$30 - Individual size includes the following:
1lb. kabob meat, 2 shoulder steaks, 1lb burger, 1 pkg garlic feta or italian brats
$65 - Small family size ( 2 to 3 people) includes the following:
1 boneless shoulder roast, 4 shoulder steaks, 1 lbs burger, 2 shanks 2 pkg garlic/feta brats or italian
$100 - Large family size includes the following:
1 boneless leg roast, 6 shoulder steaks, 2lb. burger, 2lb. shanks, 2 pkgs garlic feta brats or italian
This is from Reister Farms in Washougal, and includes USDA processing and packaging.

Grassfed Beef - from Nadine
$4.50/lb. - ground beef
$40/ten pounds of ground beef
$62/10-lb. Roast Pkg (4 roasts)
Keeping it simple for now!

Home Roasted Coffee & Hazelnuts - from Columbia River Coffee Co.
Farmers Market Blend Coffee Beans, $5.00/half-pound
Peru Organic Coffee Beans, $6.00/half-pound
Roasted Hazelnuts, $4.00/half-pound
These are from Steve, who you'll also find down at the Vancouver Farmers Market. He sells his coffee by the cup down there, too!

Wild & Naturally Preserved Eats - from Nature's Choice -- Buy a full pound of (any mix) mushrooms and receive a 1/4# bag of dried lobster soup mushrooms FREE!
Mushrooms, Fresh (1/4# bags)
Shiitake $3.00
Maitake $4.00
Wild Morels $6.50

Mushrooms, Frozen (1/4# pack)
Porcini $4.50

Berries & Nuts
Frozen Huckleberries $9.00 per pound
Frozen Elderberries $6.00 per pound
Wild Mountain Huckleberry Jam $5.00/jar (incl's sugar)
Dried, Peeled, Cleaned Chestnuts $3.50 per 1/4# bag

Wild Greens
Fresh Siberian Miners Lettuce $3.00 (1/4# bag)
Fresh Fiddlehead Ferns $3.00 (1/4# bag)
Dried Spring Nettle leaves $12.50
Check out www.natureswildharvest.com for more info on these great wild gatherers, and how to use their products!


To order, click here and specify what you would like.
Pay by cash. If necessary, checks can be made to "Dee Creek Farm"
We fill pre-orders first, then it’s first come, first served!
We do mostly pre-orders at deliveries, rather than Farmers Market style.
Please help us in this by pre-ordering what you can!

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