Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wishing You Had Signed Up For A CSA This Season?

Well you're in luck! The growing season is just starting to ramp up and there is plenty of time left to enjoy the bounty of our awesome Southwest Washington CSA farms. Here is a short list of a few CSAs that still have space for one or two more shareholders.

Dancing Crane - Battle Ground - SHARES AVAILABLE
Bernie Crane - 360-687-1210

Gee Creek Farm - Ridgefield - SHARES AVAILABLE
Lyle Stanley - 360-887-0463

Gus & Co. - Ridgefield - SHARES AVAILABLE
April Jones - 360-601-6671

Providence House Farm - LaCenter - SHARES AVAILABLE
Tammy Woltersdorf - 360-904-2578

Red Basket Farm - Battle Ground - SHARES AVAILABLE
Kate Rae - 360-687-7030

Rosemattel’s CSA - Vancouver - SHARES AVAILABLE
Brenda Millar-Stanton - 360-576-9767

Wisteria Gardens, Inc. - Vancouver - Brush Prairie - SHARES AVAILABLE
Kevin & Jo Lyn Cornelsen - 360-907-1151

Call around to a few farms and talk to the farmers. They all have different personalities, different crop varieties, and different programs. I know you'll find one that feels like a good fit for you. These folks are some of the most passionate growers you'll ever meet and they are all dedicated to providing you and your family with the healthiest, freshest food available ANYWHERE. If my little, amateur, urban plot is any indication of how productive this season is going to be, I am confident that the pros will have you up to your ears in outstanding food for the next few months.

Now go and git yer CSA on!!

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