Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Solstice in the County Farm Tour - 6.20.2009

Summer Solstice in the Country Farm Tour - Hosted by Garden DElights

June 20th, 2009
10am to 3pm

Save the date for our annual summer farm tour with two other farms in Brush Prairie, Half Moon Farms and Scented Acres, on a short loop for a fun and easy family trip.

Garden DElights
15417 NE Parkinen Road
Brush Prairie, 98606
Phone: 360-892-4479
Contact name: Erin Harwood or Eloyce O'Connor

Price: FREE

Three farms in Brush Prairie showcasing unique offerings will be open for visitors on June 20th, the summer solstice. A short loop through Brush Prairie will take you to Scented Acres Lavender Farm on Highway 503, then a turn to the right through “downtown” Brush Prairie and off towards Hockinson on 159th St will take you to Half Moon Farm then just a quick ride to Parkinen Rd gets you to Garden Delights. Scented Acres offers a multitude of lavender products, goats and chickens for viewing while Half Moon Farm brings you a large variety of plants, honey and chickens, too and lastly Garden Delights has a great many herb products for people and pets, horses and cows and classes for parents on herbs and farm fresh food for babies. Get out into the country and see what local farms have to offer.

Check out the Google Map of the farm loop

Join us for the following events at the farm:

10:30 am and 1:30 pm
Compost Tours - see our aerated compost system and meet the Chief Composter, Al

11:00 am - $5 for those wanting to make & take home samples. Bring a picnic and stay for lunch!
Herbs for Babies - Join Erin & Kieran (our newest addition!) and learn how you can use herbs and some common household ingredients to easily and quickly create your own natural soothing skin products.

1:00 pm - free recipes
m Fresh Baby Food - Erin & Kieran will discuss how to utilize the upcoming farm fresh bounty to easily make your own baby foods, cheaper than you can buy from the store. We'll cover making, storing, and flavoring common farm foods appropriate for baby. Best of all you'll know exactly where you food is coming from when you buy local and what's in your baby's food when you make your own.

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