Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank Your Mother

If you're even a little like me, you're already thinking about next year's garden. And it's never too early to start planning and searching for a source for the rare, unusual, and interesting plants you'd like to try. I love spending hours looking through the catalogs that start arriving in my mailbox this time of year. But sometimes I know exactly what I'm looking for and just want to get down to the business of buying. Now, thanks to mother Earth magazine I have a better way to get my seed buying quick fix.

Mother Earth just launched a really cool new search tool on their web site. The Mother Earth Seed and Plant Finder will allow you to search the online catalog inventories of over 500 seed companies.

Hooker's Sweet Corn - Check!
Seattle's Best of All Tomatoes - Check!
Yellow Rocoto Chile Pepper - Check!

Looks like this thing works pretty darn well. Thanks Mother Earth!

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