Friday, December 12, 2008

Kill Your Television & Russell's Bread Update

Now it's even easier to turn off the idiot box and pick up a peridodical. This just in from Jessica @ Northbank Magazine!

A newsstand comes to West Vancouver! Finally...

I am so pleased to see that a newsstand has opened at the Vancouver Marketplace on Evergreen and Columbia. It's quite small and has lots of prime real estate dedicated to pulpy best sellers and magazines with Brangelina on the cover. HOWEVER, I can now buy a New York Times just minutes from my home and work from an actual person, and some Skittles, if I so desire.

Go. Read. A newspaper.


Also, Marcell's Coffee House, features Russell's Bread for sale by the well as great coffee, pastries, sandiches, friendly service, locally crafted clothing & gifts, loads of good books, and a very high level of "hangoutability". Go check 'em out at 3100 Columbia Street.

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