Monday, May 7, 2007

Taking the Farm Home

Just received this via the grapevine.


I am announcing a permanent, community based, non-profit project titled, Taking the Farm Home. Once fully developed, it will include a demonstration garden (approximately 600 square feet), a greenhouse and "farm to school" tours intended to educate children in K - 12; we will also offer classes on subjects like organic gardening, sustainable agricultural practices, and much more. Gardening classes will be tailored to empower community members to use gardening techniques in their specific housing situation (e.g. apartment or house) and healthy food choices will receive special emphasis.

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of the Manor Evangelical Church, which has agreed to contribute by alllowing the use of its real property. The location is at the corner of 72nd Ave & 179th St, near Battle Ground, WA.

As part of the Taking the Farm Home project, the new Manor Farmers' Market is scheduled to open on May 26th, 2007. It will be held each Saturday from 8 - 5 at the Manor Evangelical Church's grounds. The event is free but donations will be accepted to help the musicians who perform.

This Farmers' Market is intended to be unique. First, it represents only part of the total educational outreach that will be offered to the community. Secondly, the Market will strive to give people and families a place to linger for a couple of hours while they learn new things and enjoy a wide array of activities. Attendees will be able to visit educational tables on subjects like astronomy & gardening, to buy a meal, to participate in kids' activities or listen to live entertainment. For the grand opening, I have sought out donations from local businesses to help with a raffle- nice prizes will be offered. Come and have your blood pressure checked.This family friendly environment is what will make a difference between Manor Farmers' Market and other similar markets. Finally, the market is located between the hectic pace of urban development and the ever shrinking amount of rural farm lands in Southwestern Washington. Attendees can get out of town but be a stone's throw from home!

The Market's success is critical to the rest of the project, since the initial seed money will come from the profit generated by its activities. Vendor space is still available. If your organization is interested in attending, I will be happy to send you an application. If you need a table, you must make a request in advance through me. Otherwise, you should plan on bringing your own table and canopy.

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to other organizations or individuals. Hope to see you at the Market!

Helen Nowlin, Project Director and AdministratorB.S.; J.D.; L.L.M. Environmental Law

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